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Meet our team of dedicated engineers. 

Our team

Meet our team

Piet Callemeyn, PhD

Sentineo Founder - Power Electronics Expert

Matthias Hendrickx

Embedded Hardware Expert

Valentijn De Smedt, Professor

Analog Electronics Expert Advisor

Wim Moreau

Mechatronics Integration Expert

Joachim Taelman, PhD

Biomedical & Sports Use Case Expert Advisor

Sven Decock

Seasoned Embedded Hardware Guru, RF Expert

Annabelle Di Lallo

Administrative Assistant

Ben Wynants

Business Modeling Expert

We help you realize your electronic product

Our electronic experts deliver top-notch results

Sentineo has a team of dedicated engineers, each with his or her specific expertise.
More than ever, electrical design needs a team of engineers with different backgrounds. We can provide a broad range of expertise to help kick-start your project and achieve results quickly.

Our Philosophy

Project Philosophy

We are truly convinced that the current electronic design challenges need an engineering team with diverse expertise, just like ours at Sentineo. More than ever, a combination of skills is needed to achieve your embedded hardware solution.

Our Team Relation

We are enthusiastic engineers and entrepreneurs who work in flexible teams based on client needs. Most importantly, we are good friends who enjoy solving design challenges together to achieve perfect solutions.

Customer Support

Your perfect solution can only be perfect when it comes with the right support. We offer on-going support even after project completion, helping set up use-cases, performing field interventions, and updating your product as needed.

Production Support

So, you have a perfect solution, but now you want to scale it up to production? Our team has the right connections for high-volume production and can manage the entire process. You can relax while we deliver fully-tested and assembled products to your doorstep.


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