Sentineo - Octave cooperation

Business TV coverage on Octave partnership

The Belgian national business TV channel ‘Kanaal Z’ reported on our successful collaboration with Octave. The journalist emphasized the development of Sentineo’s advanced custom battery management system (BMS), which ensures the performance and safety of second-life vehicle batteries integrated into Octave’s smart energy solutions.

A Fulfilling Collaboration with Octave

We are assisting our customer Octave in developing a cutting-edge smart energy solution utilizing second-life electric vehicle batteries. Repurposing electric vehicle battery modules eliminates the need for producing new Li-ion batteries, promoting a circular economy. This innovative project has already helped avoid tons of carbon emissions.

Our collaboration led to the development of a custom electronic design: an advanced custom battery management system (BMS). This system ensures the performance and safety of 121 kWh battery racks.

The Master BMS is designed to be Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certification ready, incorporating isolated components to mitigate risks and enhance safety. It also supports data aggregation, remote access, and smart control capabilities, making it a robust solution for energy management.

Publications in Solar Magazine, Engineers Online & Engineeringnet

We are also proud to have been covered with this project in Solar Magazine, Engineeringnet and Engineers Online, highlighting this unique joint project between Octave and Sentineo.

Our commitment to delivering highly specialized custom electronic designs, is stronger than ever.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with all of our customers and sharing more updates with you in the future.