Sentineo and Telenet Business present: IOT Academy

Sentineo is proud to present its IOT Academy hosted together with Telenet Business. During three intensive days of workshops, attendees will be given a business overview on Internet of Things and will gain technical experience with NB-IOT and LORA hardware prototyping. Check out the agenda below and please visit for more details and registrations. […]

NB-IOT general aviation flight logger

Sentineo is designing an NB-IOT flight logger for general aviation aircraft. It streams out the GPS positions of the aircraft, speed and altitudes. The goal is to enable unobtrusive flight logging for pilots and aircraft rental companies. The system can be built in and will start logging as soon as the engine is running. After […]

NB-IOT or LORA, which technology to choose for your next IOT device

NB-IOT and LORA are two popular technologies that can be used for IOT device connectivity. They have important similarities and differences. This article’s aim is to explain the basic concepts behind both technologies and help you understand the fundamental differences and trade-offs. After reading this, you should be able to take an informed decision to […]