Sentineo helps MyGrid with the development of a custom bidirectional charger/inverter for the world’s first plug & play home energy solution

Sentineo – Mygrid cooperation Specialized skills led to a portable 1.5kWh home battery system, empowering individuals to cut down on their electricity expenses and environmental impact Sentineo developed a custom bi-directional 1.5kW charger / 800W inverter for MyGrid’s award-winning ModuleOne home battery. Leveraging its specialized expertise, Sentineo realized this unique custom charger/inverter, marking a world […]

What is your minimum viable product? How can it help you? A testimonial.

“I’ve seen a lot of startups die because they were too slow to release stuff, and none because they were too quick.” — Paul Graham, co-founder of Y-combinator When building a minimum viable product speed matters. If you want to read more about Minimum Viable Products and why you should build one quickly, you can […]